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    5 reasons to work for a non-profit organization after college

    After graduating you may be looking to dive into the big corporate world and start making the big bucks. But you may also want to consider working for a non-profit organization that can help keep you grounded with some of the skills that you already possess, like doing multiple projects at once.

    You have been in college for several years and have learned to do more than just what your degree says. In addition to the writing skills you have developed through your countless essay writing assignments, you have hopefully raised funds for charity, joined some college essay writing services and helped plan events, and while doing all of this, you worked a job to keep money in your pocket. Non-profits need people with the ability to juggle many projects at once.

    Here are some of the advantages of working for a nonprofit right after college:

    1. The prospect of moving up

    Sometimes when working for a big corporation, you may never see the guys up in the tower making all of the big bucks. This is not true for nonprofits. You will be in close contact with your bosses, and also the board of directors

    Nonprofits are big on promoting from within, so get to know your board. Take advantage of hob-knobbing with the “brass” and put yourself in line for a better job as you prove how much you are dedicated to the company’s mission statement.

    1. It’s not always about money in your life.

    Take the opportunity to work on something that is close to your heart. You have plenty of time in your life to work for the corporate world if that is your goal, but working for a nonprofit will give satisfaction to a part of your soul that wants to help others.

    There are opportunities all over the world that are waiting for the right person to make a difference. Nonprofits are looking for that person. There are donors out there that will give big money to have you help change a faction of the world that others are not thinking about.


    1. What is at stake?

    You can walk into a corporate office every day and walk out unfulfilled. But when you are part of a team who is responsible for putting flood devastated communities back in order, or getting the neighborhood drunk clean and sober, these accomplishments will fulfill your life and at the same time give you the pleasure derived from giving back.

    1. Big business and benefits in nonprofits

    Nonprofits want to keep their talent. They offer some of the best health and benefit packages to just that. This is a viable sector of the job market and it is growing more each year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    1. Networking Possibilities

    If after spending time working for a nonprofit you decide that you are then ready for that office in the sky, because nonprofits live off of the generous donations of some of the richest companies in the world, you now have access to that company list.

    Make sure when you work for your nonprofit of choice that you don’t sit there like a stump on a log. Get fully involved with the people what will be able to help you like you have helped them. People who run nonprofits do not forget who have helped them to be successful. It is in their interest to make friends and keep them.

    Over the years you will find many more reasons to work for a company that is fulfilling although maybe not as lucrative. When you do find reasons, why not revisit here and let us know about them.